HML #008 – 5 Things to Remember When Choosing Wise Counsel for Your Healthy Marriage (Part 2 of Series)


We are on Part II of our series surrounding Seeking Wise Counsel to build a Healthy Marriage. In this episode we explore 3 kinds of counsel you should avoid, 4 kinds of counsel you should consider having, and 5 things to remember when choosing wise counsel for your healthy marriage. Remember, we are focused here just on Wise Counsel as it relates to your relationship with your Spouse

The 3 types of counsel you should avoid (details on why explained in the episode):

1)  A person of the opposite sex, with the exception of a professional relationship – i.e. counselor, psychologist, lawyer, and clergy

2) Those going through a divorce

3) Family Members (there can be exceptions to this).

The 4 types of wise counsel to consider include: